Backyard Patio Covers has been the best in providing exceptional solutions for your outdoor space in Tustin since 2016. We believe in one simple philosophy – “make sure the client is taken care of.” We understand that homes are one of the biggest investments that most people will ever make. That is why make sure to provide the best patio cover construction services. We are delighted to turn your ordinary-looking outdoor space into an exotic and aesthetic area. Our team of experts and professionals make sure to understand requirements and then come up with the best patio cover ideas to turn a client’s patio dream into reality.

Whether it is about adding a touch of nature using artificial grass or giving a space to relax during the summer season, we build every patio with pride and never disappoint our customers. Be it a small or big outdoor space, we are the best at transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful patio.

Why Choose Us?

Backyard Patio Covers is the best patio cover services provider in Tustin; here is why:

Best Materials

You will not find better patio products and services anywhere else in Tustin. We use the best quality aluminum patio covers to make your home’s outdoor space look beautiful.

Skilled Workmanship

We are proud to have a team of professionals and experts who never fail to please our clients.

Excellent Customer Support

We make sure to provide the best customer services to our clients because nothing is more important to us than making our customers happy.

Top Warranty

We guarantee the material we use and the work we provide. We always stand behind our products and services.

Insulated Panel

One of the most cost-effective, quickest, and easiest ways to conserve home energy is insulation. Getting your home insulated is a onetime investment that offers you great returns in every aspect. Whether you wish to keep your home warm/ cool, or tired of paying high energy bills, Backyard Patio Covers home insulation services is all you need.

Insulation not only reduces your energy consumption but also reduce the effect of outside temperature on your home giving you peace of mind that you deserve. Our team of qualified and trained individuals know what to do and how to do using professional grade equipment. Whether you are constructing your home from scratch, remodeling it as per your taste, or restoring it for any reason, Backyard Patio Covers’ experienced insulators can handle all types of insulation jobs.

How does insulation process work? We discuss your requirements first and then visit the site to give you an accurate quote. However, we do take into account your budget and the type of insulation your property needs, before giving you a quote so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Backyard Patio Covers offers professional insulation services within your budget and as per your requirements. From installing high-density spray foam to fiberglass, our team of experts knows everything.

Other than the benefits of insulation stated above, you should also know that getting your home insulated also helps protect the environment. Insulation reduces your carbon footprint by 12%, and 15% that consist of your use of electricity, and fossil fuels respectively. Moreover, insulation also produces positive effects on your health. But it is important to get your home properly insulated, which can only happen if you use the services of a professional team with years of experience like Backyard Patio Covers.