Solid Aluminum Patio Covers in Irvine, CA

While you may enjoy your patio on long summer evenings, you probably don’t enjoy it during long rainstorms or blistering afternoons. However, with the help of aluminum patio covers, you can enjoy your patio any day of the year. At Backyard Patio Covers in Irvine, CA, we supply and install solid aluminum patio covers so that you can enjoy your outdoor space whenever you want.

Why Aluminum?

Patio covers come in all shapes and sizes, so what does aluminum offer? Learn a few reasons why aluminum should be your patio cover material of choice:

  • It covers your patio completely: Some patio covers only provide partial coverage. Aluminum covers you completely so that you don’t roast or get wet.
  • It is maintenance-free: Aluminum requires no painting, polishing, or finishing. Additionally, it is corrosion- and rust-resistant. That way, you can enjoy this for a long time without large upkeep costs.
  • It is customizable: Think that aluminum patio covers are a boring, solid color? Actually, aluminum is highly individualized with various colors, textures, and designs to choose from. Some aluminum covers even look like wood!
  • It protects your furnishings: Some partial covers could potentially fade your outdoor furniture. With aluminum, you can design to your heart’s content with ultimate protection from your aluminum covering.

Discover for yourself what aluminum patio covers can do for your outdoor space.

Why Us?

At Backyard Patio Covers, we want to provide the best patio cover for your home. When you schedule with us, we’ll visit your home, understand your vision, measure your available outdoor space, and recommend size and design based on your wants and budget. Our ultimate goal is for you to have the outdoor space of your dreams.

When you want solid aluminum patio covers, call us at 949 506 0990. We’re eager to hear about your vision for your outdoor space.