7 Amazing Aluminum Patio Covers Ideas

Many people don’t want to have an entirely enclosed patio, but it’s nice to have some type of covering to enjoy your space despite the summer rain or cold winter breeze. That’s why we have come up with a list of beautiful aluminum covers filled with fashion and functionality for different style themes.

Let’s have a look at the following amazing allumawood patio cover ideas to make your outdoor space look fun and beautiful for the family.

Bronze Patio Cover

If you want to give your outdoor space a dessert-style look, then a textured and detailed bronze cover idea is for you. It will easily blend into the flooring and scenery. When there is rain all over, you will still be able to grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers you have been planning for days.

Cream Style Patio

A cream-colored-style patio cover is perfect for giving your backyard a vacation-style and light beauty appeal. Also, adding a ceiling fan will help you beat the humidity and hot air of the summer season. As for winters, you can make the patio space cozy and comfy by adding some pillows and blankets and an outdoor heater.

Contemporary Patio

Adding an allumawood patio cover to your pool area will have a more stylish essence than functionality. Sleek and contemporary, it will keep that shade off of when you just want to relax by the pool without being burnt from the sunlight. This will make your outdoor area look chic and powerful.

Arch Style Patio

Are you looking for a traditional patio cover for a family home? This can be the one for you! It’s a functional patio cover idea that lets more light pass through space and allows you to have some coverage and shade from the unpleasant weather and flying insects.

Twin Style Patios

Two style aluminum covers make your outdoor space look stylish and delightful. Made from multi-tone textures and multi-layers, it will give a more fashion-forward and contemporary look to a beautiful patio.

Glass Patio with Blind

Just like adding a mirror to a smaller room to make it bigger, having a glass patio cover with a blind will do the same for your outdoor space. It makes the area look more spacious and open by avoiding coverage that darkens the area. It allows the right amount of natural light to enter and blend in to complement your patio furniture.

Matching Patio Design

You can give a cottage, cozy feel to your home with this matching patio cover idea. This style does not create an entirely separate space; instead, it blends right in with the house, giving it a comfy feeling of the traditional family home.


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