Tips for Choosing a New Patio Cover

Are you planning to make some improvements to your outdoor space? Pay attention to what would make your patio area look good and add value to your home. Adding or improving a patio cover is an investment with a 90% return. As it is a big investment, it is essential to choose the right patio cover as per your home’s requirements. Following are the tips to take care of when installing a patio cover.

Know What a Patio Cover is

Numerous patio structures are available on the market for adding shade to your outdoor living space. Some people go for a retractable patio awning, while others choose pergolas or patio covers. A patio cover is a permanent structure that is either connected to your house or freestanding. Instead of walls, posts provide the cover without blocking the breeze.

Consider the Material

There are different materials to consider when it comes to installing patio covers in your outdoor space. Make sure to choose the right material when buying. Some common patio cover materials are:


A wood patio may look good, but it’s time-consuming and expensive to maintain. You have to retain and repaint it occasionally, and it’s more prone to insect invasions and rotting. Initially, wood patio covers are lower in cost than the aluminum patio, but the maintenance alone adds a lot to the long-term cost.


It is inexpensive and easy to maintain material, but it doesn’t make your outdoor space look beautiful. Also, it tends to crack, deteriorate, or break over time due to sun exposure. Another drawback of installing vinyl patio covers is they cannot withstand heavy snow loads.


The aluminum patio cover is another inexpensive and easy to maintain material. Unlike, Vinyl, aluminum covers are quite practical, becoming the lifetime patio cover solution for most families. These patio covers are maintenance-free and able to withstand heavy snow/wind. With its lifetime durability, it is the best material to choose from.

Reflect Your Home’s Design

Curb appeal matters to every homeowner! Make sure to choose the right cover that complements the overall appearance of your home. The wrong patio cover will detract the value of your home, and your investment will all be in vain.

Know the Purpose

Always consider the purpose when buying a patio cover. It keeps the rain from crashing barbecue parties during winter and provides shades in the summer season. The color of your patio cover affects its functions. For example, darker colors will keep your space heated, while lighter colors will reflect heat away to keep it cooler.


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