Tips to Keep Your Patio in Tip Top Shape

Your backyard celebrations shouldn’t only be limited to Memorial Day or Thanksgiving Day. Having a clean outdoor space means you can immediately throw a party or arrange a romantic dinner for an anniversary. Here are some great tips to follow to keep your outdoor space in tip-top shape. Let’s have a look!

Close Your Umbrella

It’s best to keep the umbrella closed when it’s not in use. Leaving it open will result in dirt settling and droppings from trees to stain the umbrella. Use a cover for it if you have one. The extra time and effort you put into closing and covering the umbrella will save you from the cleaning headache. It is better to do it now than later.

Store Chair Cushions

Just like an umbrella, when cushions are exposed to the natural elements will get stained and dirty in no time. Even covering the cushions in a weather-resistant fabric won’t do any good. Keep the chair cushions in a freestanding container or garage and pull them out when needed. This trick doesn’t let your cushions get dirty and look as clean as the day you bought them.

Regularly Sweep

Clean debris from under and around furniture and patio covers. The best time to sweep it off is after the weekly lawn cutting. Loads of leaves and other matter promote mold growth. The tannoids in wet leaves stain wood decks and concrete patios. It is essential to have hefty planters on rolling stands to move around hassle-free while you are cleaning your patio.

Care for Patio Covers

Aluminum covers are low-maintenance, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be maintained. Lack or improper maintenance can wear down your patio covers faster, exposing it to more potential problems when the weather is bad. Mildew or mold can really affect your patio cover, making your property look bad as well as causing problems for your health. Using detergents to clean the patio cover will help easily remove mold and mildew.


If you are planning to install or maintain your patio cover, Backyard Patio Covers is the best choice to make. We are committed to transforming patios into an aesthetically pleasing piece of landscape. We love to please our clients with the best patio services. Get in touch with us to make your outdoor look beautiful.

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