Ways to Prepare Your Patio for Winter

The winter season is around the corner, and homeowners are packing their patios to hibernate indoors as winter can be about whipping winds, accumulating snow, and biting cold. On the bright side, you can prepare the outdoor space of your home for the harsh winter months with a few maintenance tasks. This way, you can actually use your patio even during winter. Following are the tips to transform your outdoor space for the winter season and enjoy a hot cup of coffee outside.

Remove Your Patio Furniture

The most important thing you need to do is remove the furniture and any large items from the patio. Clear away all chairs, plants, and tables after cleaning them with a hose. Cover all these items and store them in the garage or shed.

Clean the Barbeque Grill

Most homeowners don’t clean their barbeque grill before winter comes. That is why it looks bad when spring arrives back. Cleaning the barbeque grill and getting rid of ash helps in maintenance. The best way to clean the BBQ grill is scrubbing it with degreasing chemicals and then wash it water. Besides, if you have a gas grill, ensure to detach the gas lines carefully and then store it in a dry and cool area.

Tidy Up

If you have trees close to the outdoor space, be sure to sweep up the leaves before they get covered in snow in the winter. Using a patio cleaning solution with a high-powered tap to thoroughly wash the bricks. This cleaning in winters helps you have a fresh start at the time of the spring season.

Get New Lights and Benches

If you are planning to spend time on the patio during winter, you will need weather-proof seating to easily move around in the cold. Lightweight plastic benches made of recycled materials is the best option. These benches are easy to lift and move around, attractive, and accommodate quite a few individuals.

Install or Maintain Patio Cover

Be sure to clean and maintain the patio covers before winter arrives. If your outdoor space doesn’t have an aluminum patio cover, then you definitely need one. It keeps the temperature mild, and you can enjoy reading or spending quality time with your family outside even in winter.


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